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Border crossing with neighboring countries  


To cross Torkham border you need to have a valid passport, Visa and Gate Pass. To get both (visa and Gate Pass) you can use travel agencies. We strongly advise you to be very alert while using Travel Agencies, make sure they are legitimate. At the moment, the price for crossing Torkham border is $900 per person that includes a Visa and Gate Pass. (updated on 22.9.2021)

We had reports that people are crossing the land border just with Afghan ID cards (Tazkira) + Visa + Gate Pass. Solution for this could be to get the stateless with UNHCR. If they approved the UNHCR issues travel documents.* (we are looking for more details)

 UNHCR confirmed that Afghans who reach Pakistan can register for an "asylum seeker certificate" but this does not give them refugee status. They are accommodated in temporary settlements across the country.

UNHCR helpline: 03330792969 from 10:00 am –6pm. 0333 781 9601 from 08:00 am – 4 pm.



Tajik embassy in Kabul is issuing visas. The price is $1000 per person for 1 month stay. (updated on 22.9.2021)

UNHCR Tajikistan Office: Phone numbers: (44) 600-55-96/ 600-55-97/ 600-56-00 and 600-56-01 Hotlines: (44) 600-56-00/ 600-56-01 and 900 01 38 39 Email:



There is a possible way to get visas to Uzbekistan for $2400 per person. Length of visa is unknown at this time. The problem is, there is no UNHCR office in Uzbekistan. There’s one in Tajikistan, but the US Embassy in Tajikistan will not process SIVs. (updated on 22.9.2021)



Border is closed, not letting anyone over but US Ambassador is approaching foreign ministry to try to allow at least AMCITs and SIVs to cross – discussions ongoing. (Source: Congressional NSA Advisor)



Land crossing even with legal Iranian visa is dangerous and we do not advice. You could use Iran as a transit country, but you need to have a transit visa. Iranian Embassy is in Kabul, Iranian Consulate located in Herat. 

Contact UNHCR in Iran

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