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For those who are trying to help

This page is for Afghans as well as Internationals who are trying to help their peers, friends, and colleagues find the resources they need in order to seek safety or wellbeing (such as through meeting basic needs or finding mental health support). 

Help Afghans apply for Humanitarian parole. Here is a training video on the process:

Looking for ways to support Afghanistan and Afghan people?

Here's a list of actions that you can take and avoid.

1.   if you are not an expert on #Afghanistan, have not been keeping up with what has been occurring, and are not directly impacted by what is happening don't share your unsolicited opinions and takes

2.   Instead follow and amplify the voices, work, and initiatives of Afghan activists, leaders, journalists, artists, and researchers.

3.   Find out if your government is deporting Afghans back to Afghanistan. Many governments around the world were deporting Afghan asylum seekers and only recently paused deportations.

4.   Avoid simplistic narratives that paint the situation as an internal dispute between tribes and factions. If you're not acknowledging the historic and ongoing role of various actors, then you're contributing to misinformation.

5.   The US and NATO allies benefitted from the support of local Afghans who are being targeted. Reach out to your political representatives and leaders to ensure that efforts are being made to evacuate and resettle these individuals and their families.


6.   Has your country agreed to resettle Afghan refugees? Help support resettlement efforts, not just with monetary donations but through community support.


7.   Advocate for trauma-informed and culturally relevant supports for Afghan refugees and asylum seekers. Historically, mental health support has been underfunded and overlooked. PTSD, intergenerational trauma are real.


8.   Does your country sell weapons, military equipment, and surveillance tech to depots, human rights violators, oppressive regimes, and/dictators? It's likely your tax payer dollars are helping support these activities.


9.   Fund the work of Afghan peace-builders and activists around the world, especially youth, women, and gender and sexually diverse persons.


10.   Speak out against the targeted attacks and ethnic cleansing of especially marginalized Afghan communities, including Hazara, Sikh, Hindu, and Shia Muslim people


11.   Stop legitimizing the Taliban in peace negotiations. They will not suddenly respect human rights, especially women's rights. Escalating Taliban attacks against journalists, school children, and persecuted religious and ethnic groups indicate the gravity of the situation.

Full thread can be found here: @Bushra_Ebadi

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