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For those who want information about borders and roads (security, openings, required documents)

For those who do not feel safe in their area and want information about options to move to safety within the country

For those who are:

- seeking shelter inside Afghanistan

- seeking basic needs (such as food) 

- would like to know options for leaving 

- seeking mental health / trauma resources

For those in a transit country or 

have been granted stay in another country (such as border countries, the US, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, etc.)

For Afghans who have been living in another country for many years now and would like to help. 

For other international individuals who have worked in Afghanistan or with Afghan people and would like to help

Above is the link with visa requirements for Afghan citizens.

This document is put together by ADEP. It includes information on migration to these countries: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Pakistan, India, Philippines. 

Above is the link of International Refugee Assistance Project.

They are providing information for Afghans seeking refugee status outside Afghanistan and for Afghans who are looking for immigration options.

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